Please do not ask about escort services from my Fansly page. I will deny I offer them, thanks.

Please do not text me.

Hi, I’m Carrie. I am a senior citizen, sexy granny. The smaller guys fit me best. I’m sorry but the big guys don’t fit me. I am sweet and I have gentle skills. I love to go slow and tender. Soft music and scented candles make the mood just right. I will not judge you on your body, age or performance. I only care how well you treat me. I am located in the city of Detroit near 7 Mile and Mound. I live here and I feel very safe here. Please do not call me and complain about my location. I offer incall only, no outcall. I need at least a 3 hour notice the first time I meet someone. After I feel comfortable I can be more flexible. CALL ME daily at 313-217-1137 between 11am – 5pm. NO TEXT OR BLOCKED NUMBERS

My rate is 200. 

Please do not ask about my escort services on my Fansly page. I will just deny I offer them. Thank you for understanding

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I cannot discuss anything sexual over the phone. I cannot discuss services at all. Please do not try to explain your genitalia to me. Please keep the conversation discreet over the phone. Thank you.